Avoid Unexpected Cloud Bills
Mitigate Cloud Bill Risk

Prevent unforeseen cloud expenses resulting from training

Shield against unforeseen cloud expenses with cost-effective pre-budgeted cloud accounts, accessible as required.

Configure Your Cloud Lab

Specify your lab requirements, including the Public Cloud Provider, Access Needed, End Date and The Predefined Budget

Access Your Cloud Account

Access your cloud account using the provided URL and credentials to commence your learning journey instantly.

Track The Cloud Usage

Access the comprehensive cloud usage report, detailing services and access times, to track the learning journey

Avoid Unexpected Bills

Safeguard against unexpected cloud expenses with pre-configured budgeted cloud labs, ensuring an uncompromised training experience
Web-based accessibility

Access the Training Labs from any device

Ease of accessing Training Labs directly through a web browser, without the need for additional software, network changes or installations
API accessibility

Robust API simplifies integration with your existing systems

Our user-friendly API seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, ensuring effortless compatibility and simplifying the process.
Right Pricing

Pay only for the minutes you utilize the Lab

Efficiently manage costs with our minute-based billing system tailored for training labs
All Public Cloud Support

Pre-budgeted account on All public cloud platforms

Provides pre-configured and pre-budgeted accounts supporting all leading public cloud platforms
Excel in training

All-in-one training platform with
Productive Extensions

End-to-end training platform enhanced with productivity-boosting extensions for a holistic training experience.

Enforced feedback

Enforces feedback submission to guarantee comprehensive training evaluation

Lab Usage Report

A comprehensive utilization report on lab activities offers a clear overview of trainee's performance

Obligatory Assessment

Prescribed assessment on specific days to monitor learning advancement and track learning development

Codeshare Platform

Dedicated code-sharing platform facilitates effective exchange of code during training sessions
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