Right Pricing

Transparent pricing model without concealed fees, enabling you to pay solely for the services you utilize

Scheduling Power

Seize control! Strategically schedule the activation and deactivation of lab servers to maximize resource utilization and minimize expenses

Multi-Technology Mastery

Discover an extensive selection of pre-configured labs, featuring cutting-edge technologies such as DevOps, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, AI, ML, DataOps, and beyond!

Global Accessibility

Gain access to our labs from anywhere globally with an internet connection. This geographical flexibility empowers remote teams and learners distributed across different locations

Integration Potential

Easily integrate LabAsService with your current learning management systems (LMS) or other enterprise tools to create a seamless workflow

Security and Compliance

LabAsService places security at the forefront, incorporating features such as role-based access control and data protection to safeguard sensitive information within a shared responsibility model


LabAsService eliminates the upfront costs associated with purchasing hardware and setting up labs. Furthermore, decreased IT overhead and maintenance expenses contribute to overall cost savings

Performance Optimization

LabAsService harnesses high-performance cloud infrastructure to provide seamless and lag-free lab experiences. This ensures efficient resource utilization and minimizes frustration for users.

Disaster Recovery

LabAsService offers integrated disaster recovery features, guaranteeing business continuity in the face of unforeseen events. Your labs and data are securely stored, enabling swift recovery and minimal disruption

Customizable Labs

While LabAsService provides a vast library of pre-configured labs, it also offers customization options. This flexibility caters to specific training needs or niche software requirements, ensuring an adaptable learning environment.


LabAsService provides round-the-clock active support services, invaluable for troubleshooting issues and maximizing the platform's potential.

Lab Usage Reports

LabAsService delivers comprehensive Lab Usage Reports, empowering you to gain valuable insights into the utilization of your labs. These reports offer a treasure trove of data, including Individual User Activity and Lab Access and Usage Patterns

Enforced Assessments

LabAsService goes beyond merely offering lab environments. It empowers educators and trainers with the capability to integrate enforced assessments, enhancing the learning experience by ensuring comprehension and skill mastery

Enforced Feedback

Enable organizers, educators, and trainers to implement enforced feedback mechanisms, ensuring consistent and structured feedback. This fosters continuous improvement and development throughout the learning journey for both organizers and trainers.

Code Share Extensions

LabAsService recognizes the significance of trainee comfort and familiarity, which is why it provides a separate code sharing platform for exchanging codes during training sessions. This ensures seamless collaboration and enhances the learning experience for participants.

Optimized Cost

With minute-based billing, LabAsService ensures you only pay for what you use. stopped lab time isn't charged, resulting in substantial cost savings compared to traditional models

Easy to Use

LabAsService boasts a user-friendly interface and intuitive dashboard, making it effortless to navigate, even for non-technical users

Role-Based Access Control

Easily assign roles and permissions to your team members with LabAsService, ensuring secure and organized lab management

Always Up-to-Date

LabAsService guarantees access to the latest software versions and configurations within your pre-configured labs, eliminating the need for manual updates or maintenance.

Vast Application & tools support

With its expansive library exceeding 1000 applications and tools, LabAsService empowers you to explore a world of technological possibilities. This comprehensive platform provides the perfect environment to learn, experiment, and hone your skills in a practical and hands-on manner

Lab Control Feature

LabAsService empowers administrators by providing the option to decide whether trainees should be allowed to stop and start the lab. This feature grants full control to the admin, enabling them to determine how the training lab should be utilized based on specific requirements and preferences

Train on Your Terms

LabAsService isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Its diverse training lab offering empowers you to find the perfect fit for your specific learning or development goals. With the ability to choose any popular operating system for your lab environment, you have the flexibility to tailor your experience according to your needs

Unique and Modern

LabAsService offers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, eliminating the need for complex hardware setups and ongoing maintenance. Additionally, it is available as an on-premises solution, providing flexibility to choose the deployment option that best suits your needs

Scalability & High Availability

Easily scale your lab needs up or down based on demand with LabAsService. No need to worry about provisioning or managing physical hardware resources. Additionally, LabAsService offers high availability and redundancy, minimizing downtime and ensuring consistent access to lab environments.

Wise Labs

Save costs by leveraging sophisticated idle detection algorithms with LabAsService. When a trainee hasn't interacted with the lab environment for a period , the system automatically stops the lab, optimizing resource usage and minimizing expenses.